Leadership Training

Get Involved & Get Engaged (GIGE) Program

Aims to equip youths and adults with leadership skills and mentalities. This will enable them to better lead their daily, educational, and professional lives.

The goals of the GIGE Program are:

  • To identify priority leadership topics to increase leadership skills for all participants across the organization
  • To design and deliver multiple sessions of Leadership Training on the priority topics
  • To continually reinvent and strengthen session materials, based on feedback and input from surveys

Session 1: January - June Session 2: July - December

Timoun Jodi Granmoun Demen Program

Aims to train young leaders by assigning them experienced mentors, who can model positive leadership qualities through interactive and trusting relationships.

The goals of the TJGD Program are:

  • To cultivate problem solving and creative thinking skills
  • To teach emotional intelligence and effective delegation of responsibilities
  • To instill knowledge of leading a team and working collaboratively

Session 1: January - June Session 2: July - December

Train The Trainer (TTT) Program

Aims to help participants advance their leadership skills through identification of good decision making, communication, and community and organization development initiatives.

The goals of the TTT Program are:

  • To strengthen participants’ leadership and management skills
  • To enhance the individual professional development process by equipping participants with skills, tools and ideas to support their direct reports’ professional development
  • To improve overall human capital management in our organization
  • To increase participants’ commitment to the Life of Hope Center

TTT program will operate as quarterly/four workshops per year.

Advocacy-Pale Pou Nou Program

Aims to teach interns and participants hands on leadership skills by helping our organization to promote its vision and mission. Participants would learn skills and acquire abilities through practical engagements with on-going community or organizational endeavors.

The goals of the Advocacy-Pale Pou Nou program goals are:

  • To provide participants with diverse learning and growth opportunities
  • To enhance their skills and prepare them for new roles in the community and the Life of Hope Center
  • To provide aspiring leaders with an opportunity to work on organizational level projects and manage complexity, change and broader relationships
  • To leverage individual strengths to create a learning community among colleagues in various roles or professional paths