Adult Education

Literacy Program

Aims to help adults improve their literacy skills, helping them to secure better jobs and better navigate daily life.

The goals of the Literacy Program are:

  • To provide young and adult family stability
  • To help individuals to read and write such as their names and basic personal information in English
  • To offer them ongoing learning opportunities in order to prepare individuals for their job search and career development
  • To empower individuals to achieve productive lives through good health, personal fulfillment, and lifestyle sustainability
  • To promote involvement in education of their children

ESL Program

Aims to help adults for whom English is not their first language.

The goals of the ESL Program are:

  • To improve participants' English language skills by enrolling them in English classes for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL/ESL)
  • To promote interactivity in classes in order to help students grasp both grammatical rules as well gain comfort in daily English interactions and advance their fluency

HSE (High School Equivalency Diploma Preparation) Program

Aims to prepare those who desire to take the high school equivalency exam develop the skills needed for the exam.

The goals of the HSE Program are:

  • To cultivate the understanding that obtaining this diploma is another key step  in securing a good job and in improving family financial stability

Financial Literacy Program

Aims to help participants advance their financial literacy skills.

The goals of the Financial Literacy Program are:

  • To help members navigate and access banks, build assets, and understand consumer protections in order to improve family financial stability

Computer Literacy Program

Aims to teach participants hands-on computer skills.

The goals of the Computer Literacy Program are:

  • To enable participants to advance their job search by being more marketable as employees
  • To enable participants maintain communication with family members