About Us

During troubled times in Haiti in the early-nineties, Mrs. Marie Renée Luxama took her sons, Porez and Juan, and five other children to the United States in hopes of a better life. Porez and Juan witnessed first-hand the struggles their mother faced as a Haitian immigrant working to establish a new life for her family. There were no services available to help her adapt to life in the U.S. There were no places to go to find housing, create a bank account, take public transportation, use a laundromat, or improve her English. Everything was an obstacle.

When Porez and Juan lived in Haiti, they witnessed the strong service-minded orientation their father held. He continually invited those in need to their home for meals and regularly served inmates in the local jails. Everyone in town knew Mr. Luxama and revered him as someone who truly served his community.

Coming from a service oriented family and recognizing a need for immigrant services in New York City, the Luxama brothers founded the Life of Hope Center, a nonprofit organization designed to support immigrants in the Central Brooklyn community. Since 2006, the Life of Hope Center has served over 10,000 individuals. By 2020, LOH aims to support 5,000 individuals annually in the four-core programs as well as partnership driven referral services.

The Three Pillars

Connecting the Central Brooklyn community to opportunities for success.

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We offer courses in English, computer, and financial literacy to give members the resources to succeed and become community leaders.



We provide leadership programs and opportunities for civic engagement to empower youths and adults in their community.



We partner with organizations to provide our students with employment opportunities and a professional network to advance their careers beyond Life of Hope.

"LOH exists to help give people hope and to help people discover their talents and use them. If people have opportunities, they can thrive. Sometimes they need someone to help show them the way. LOH is here to play that role."

Lisa Frantzen

The Board

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Porez Luxama

Co-founder and Executive Director

lisa 2

Ms. Lisa Frantzen

Project Director; TCC Group


Ms. Hogla Foreste

Secretary; Board of Education, Teacher


Reginald Simeon

Outreach Public Relations; Board of Education, Assistant Principal



Florenal Joseph

Partnership & Outreach Director; Brooklyn Downstate Medical

Fr. Juan Luxama President

Stephanie Desir 1st Vice President, Home Health Aide 1199 Union Member

Raymond Laroche 2nd Vice president, Bus Driver 1181 Union Members

Max Sauray Treasurer; Moody’s, Assistant Vice President

Jean Mirvil Advisor; Board of Education, Former Principal

Lystra Colis Advisor; Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, Staffer

Rev. Jean Max Osias Advisor, Holy Spirit & Our Lady Perpetual

George Albro, Esq. Advisor, Retired Lawyer from Legal Aid

Stephen Johns Deputy Executive Director; Board of Education, Former Principal

Glenroy Browne Program Officer; Friends of Crown Heights Center

Lovely Paulemon Development Director; Brooklyn Catholic Charities

Eli Luxama Financial Director; BNY Mellon

Debbie Louis Strategic Planning; CUNY York College